2018-11-25: more real analysis

I continued working through Tao’s Analysis I. Specifically, section 9.7 (intermediate value theorem) and section 9.8 (monotonic functions).

I also began work on a timeline of my mathematical education. The timeline is kind of a way to make up for the lack of regular updates up to this point, but also a more compressed version of my progress.

I also posted a question about the use of “covariant” and “contravariant” in definitions.

I found a useful summary table for linear algebra (created by David Jekel), and thought about it a bit.

I did some preliminary research into finding a math tutor for myself. My current feeling is that having a tutor might help me learn faster (or better), but since I haven’t enjoyed too much working on math in person with people, it might not be worth the trouble. Also, I suspect that tutors at my level and personality fit are too expensive for what I am willing to pay, so I am pessimistic about finding someone. (It doesn’t help that search results are polluted with lower level/test prep tutors.)