2018-12-01: not much math

I figured out exercise 10.4.3(b) in Analysis I only after seeing the trick in this answer (linked from this answer) of substituting in a quotient to get the general case; basically, since part (a) proved the case of x \to 1, in part (b) the trick is to see that x/x_0 \to 1 as x \to x_0. And then some algebra to get the thing to work. I had seen this sort of trick before, but didn’t think of it when I needed it, so I’ll have to keep it in mind more.

I read section 10.5 (l’Hopital’s rule) but didn’t do the exercises (yet).

Today was spent mostly relaxing and doing “first day of the month” bureaucracies (updating the front page of my website, updating Timelines Wiki pageviews table, submitting contract work hours to Vipul).