A note on scope of updates

I previously mentioned that I don’t talk about my daily Anki routine on this blog. I should also probably clarify the scope of this blog in other ways.

As I stated at the beginning, this blog came about because I wanted to make available information about “what I’m up to” in cases where “what I’m up to” doesn’t naturally lead to public updates. So I think it’s not so important to record things on here when the same information can be obtained through other sources (i.e. my public activity on other websites).

However, I also want to have some kind of conceptual coherence about this blog. And since the overlap between “my activity that doesn’t naturally lead to public updates but where I would like to make public updates available” and “my AI safety learning” is nearly perfect, I think I will track the former by writing about the latter. What does this mean in practice? It means:

  1. There will be some AI safety-related stuff on this blog that can be tracked elsewhere. For instance, for now I am planning to blog about wiki pages I update in the course of my studying.
  2. Some stuff not related to AI safety, even in cases where they can’t be tracked publicly, won’t be on this blog. This will mostly be one-off projects that I think up one day and decide to work on for a few hours or a day. Will these ever be made available? I think if they lead to something interesting I will try to publish them somehow.