I finished reading “AI safety via debate”. I think I understood the main points, but there were some parts I didn’t understand (e.g. I don’t know much about computational complexity so I couldn’t appreciate the analogy with the polynomial hierarchy, although I am familiar with similar hierarchies from logic).

I read “Supervising strong learners by amplifying weak experts”. As with above, I think I understood the basic idea, but since I’m not familiar with a lot of ML stuff I couldn’t appreciate the relation to existing work, the model architecture, etc.

I thought about the change of coordinate matrix again (linear algebra).

I started reading the reflective oracles paper.

I did the quiz “Linear systems: rank and dimension considerations”. Since Vipul might ask, I got 8/8 on this quiz (no discussion and no notes, and it has been several weeks since I read the corresponding part in Vipul’s lecture notes). I found this quiz pretty easy, although I found the long verbal descriptions in the quiz questions a bit intimidating (perhaps because I was tired).